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As Cold Formed, in the beginning of 2006, we aimed to offer more robustness, flexibility and architectural aesthetics to industrial, commercial and residential steel structures as a result of long contacts with very good companies and engineers by examining the steel structures produced in our country and then in developed countries, on the way to which we started with an innovative idea. .

Cold Formed Steel brings many advantages. Our company, together with its expert team, offers the development, production and assembly services of your project. Our goal is to pass the desired openings in your projects with the CFS system, to realize the projects in the desired dimensions and to increase the satisfied customer base.

Our company carries out the project processes in the innovation center in Tuzla, Istanbul. It carries out the production process of the project in its 10.000 m² closed and 10.000 m² open production facilities located in Kocaeli Çayırova and Dilovası.

With our Cold Formed Steel solutions, industrial industrial buildings, warehouses, warehouses, logistics facilities, cold storage facilities, heavy load carrier platforms, sports complexes, entertainment/wedding/conference halls, aircraft and helicopter hangars, market buildings, marketplaces, container structures, bungalow houses manufactures tiny houses, light steel commercial and residential structures.

It is the way we apply quality, trust and flexibility to all our projects, with the desire to add spirit to every project that makes us who we are.


As Cold Formed, We produce industrial structures, CFS system house and Safestruc unique house structures we made with ytong.


Industrial Steel Structures Series


CFS System Housing


Housing with YTONG

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